I don’t know if i’m the first one to say this or not but Kanye West is this generation’s Michael Jackson no dancing singing. Fire is the only way to describe his contributions to the game. This dude raps and produces  the beats so he’s basically Lebron Bryant wid it....
#5 - Lil Wayne

#5 – Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne first entered the mainstream hip hop scene after earning legendary status in the south with Cash Money Records.  As a youth In his early career he didn’t even use curse words and was obviously an amazing talent on the mic.  After years and years of grinding Lil Wayne...
#3 - Jay-Z

#3 – Jay-Z

Jay-Z grabed the batton and ran with it (still running) and has taken HIP-HOP to the highest level ever seen.  Jay has been a permanent fixture on HIP-HOP since the mid 90′s and hasn’t shown any signs of letting up.  Jay has said in his lyrics that his career is...
#2 - The Notorious B.I.G.

#2 – The Notorious B.I.G.

The Notorious B.I.G. is an all time legend who was able to prove this notion with very few full featured releases.  Biggy is like JIM BROWN of the rap game there is no stopping him and it doesn’t take long to figure that out. NO ONE HAS EVER DONE IT...
#1 – Tupac Shakur – 2pac

#1 – Tupac Shakur – 2pac

No artist before or since tupac shakur has made the impact he has through his music. Expressing an amazing passion and palatable frustration in his music but also impacting social issues and addressing leadership. To compare Tupac to another artist you have to start talking about  Bob Marley, John Lennon,...
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Drake – Draft Day

5 years later how am I the man still?

Young Buck – Trained To Go

Young Buck got em one check out the latest single to hit the streets from Tennessee.


Plies got em one you know how somebody in the click have to let you know to go back to the old version of you and really put it down. This song reminds me of the real sincere feel that 100 Years had.  

Why did Jay Z say he rapes women and children?

I noticed this when I heard this song and I was like what?  He said, “I still hear “##$@” screams in my dreams?”  WTF?